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Watergraphic – The Original
Digital waterscreen, digital watercurtain for Exhibition and Event use.
Resolution 48 or 96 valves/m
Made in Germany.
Watershow.de is developer and producer of watergraphic.

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Water Screen / Water Curtain
2A Water Curtain stainless steel
2S Waterscreen Stripes-NEW
1A Delta Nozzles
1C Hydroschield
2U Fog Projection Screen

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Water Slides
2HE Waterslide stainless steel
2HG Waterslide glass
2HGI Waterslide inner glass
2I Waterslide foil
Waterslides for manifold applications

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Decoration Elements
2WS Waterbubble Columns DMX
3K Fountain Circle
3R Reverse Fountain
2BW Bubble Wall
2HGI Cube Waterbox

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Fountain Systems
4A Watershow Single Effects
4B Watershow Rows
4C Watershow Island Systems
4M Watermatrix Systems
Variable Watershow Systems,individual adjustable
Multimedia Shows

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Christian Eid

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