Decoration Elements,Water Bubble Columns and Fountain Circles

Our range of decorating elements provides various application possibilities in the field
of trade fair and events.
Easy and fast installation and an excellent price-performance ratio.

2BW Bubble Wall
Once filled with water and turned on the wall creates a peaceful and constant flow of bubbles which float up in the wall.

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2WS Waterbubble Column DMX
Free–standing water column with 10W RGB-LED-lighting.
Controlled by DMX or Dip Switch
homogenous dispersal of the pimples.

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3K Fountain Circle DMX
Fountain Circle with 2,5m diametre and 24 individually, DMX-height-adjustable fountains
with RGB LED Lights
also available as 3KK Fountain Circle small with 1,2m Diameter

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3R Reverse Fountain
Impressive, free-standing waterfall-circle. 2,5 m high and with a diameter of 0,8 m.

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 2HGI Cube Waterbox
a special type of our waterslide inner glass as square monolith.
With the dimension of 950x950mm base, 2700mm height and integrated
RGB LED lights

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Decoration effects of the special kind

Individuality in the design and an uncomplicated use make our decoration elements unique
and as an amusing communication instrument, whether as mobile element
or as permanent installation.
No matter whether an easy visual back wall of an exhibition or as an eye-catcher by a product presentation, an amusing appearance with remaining impression is guaranteed.

Trailer Decoration Elements

Samples of our Event and Trade Fair Applications.

Current Projects:

Our different decoration elements in use
Whether water columns, fountain circles or falling fountain circles, our decoration elements
allow new possibilities for presentations on your exhibition stand or event.
Here some impressions of our last activities in the Trade Fair and Event aerea

3K Fountain Circle01
3K Fountain Circle02
3K Fountain Circle03
3K Fountain Circle04
3K Fountain Circle05

Impressive replacement fountain
Yes the organizer Joachim Birnbaum asked for a replacement fountain for the wettiner place in Löbau.
Therefore we installed temporarely our 3K fountain circle with 2,5 meter diameter, LED RGB lights
and DMX controlled jets.
Just 2h assembly time and pre-programd shows make this product also interesting for use
in mobile Events

Waterbubble Column DMX-01
Waterbubble Column DMX-02
Waterbubble Column DMX-03
Waterbubble Column DMX-04
Waterbubble Column DMX-05

new Event generation of our 2WS Waterbubble Columns
now available with DMX control of the integrated 10-Watt RGB LED, alternatively also via DIP switch adjustable.
Ideal not only for exhibitions but also for events as integration in stage shows

Waterbubble columns for Meiko

at Host 2015 in Milan , the market place of the hotel and catering industry ,
were 14 our 2WS waterbubble columns in use .
They have been integrated as a decorative Eement in the Meiko booth
and act as a room divider for the quiet zone of the visitors .
The homogenous flow and the large amount of the bubbles was a beautiful decorative element 

100 years sea water party in Zurich

On the occasion of the sea water festivities of the Zurich water supply company
we installed 8x 2WS water bubble columns as a decoration element and as Eyecatcher,
integrated into the exhibition.

3K Fountain Circle at ESHRE in Munich

For the Pharma group IBSA we installed our DMX controlled Fountain Circle as an Eyecatcher at the exhibition booth.
The 3K Fountain Circle has an diameter of 2.5 metres and 24 single, DMX controlled fountains.
By the special arrangement of the nozzles and the use of our integrated splash protection mesh the system is quiet and without splashing.
Therefore our Fountain circle was integrated into the furniture of the booth.

2HGI Waterslide Inner Glass for Goretex

We installed 3 Waterslides Inner Glass as room seperator on the Goretex booth in Salzburg.
A special attraction were Goretex jackets, which where built-in between the glass walls.
Afterwards the Waterslides were integrated into the Goretex Showroom in the Salzburg Factory.

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