4A Watershow Single Effects


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Key Facts

4A Watershow Single Effects
Small, highly flexible water show installation with arbitrary water effects, basin measurements and splashing-height.
The advantages:
- Short delivery times
- Quick arrangement
- All basin measurements
- All nozzle positions possible
- Completely reliable
The System:
- Flexible basin size according to the place you have (for example 2x2m, 12x6m)
- Diverse, exchangeable effect quantity
- Effects can be arranged freely in the basin C
- omputer-controlled with DMX In
- own basins with 500 mm basin height, minumum water depth is 300mm
- Foam effect nozzles - Nozzle circles - Nozzle rows - Rotation nozzles - Jumping jets
- Lighting installation with colour changers
- Controlled with DMX consoles
We construct the basins according to your wishes in thick roof seal foil.
For high security needs we can offer you a sealing weld basin made of high-grade steel.