4C Watershow Island System

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Key Facts

4C Watershow Island System
Large outdoor island construction for large basins, inland waters or sea.
Multimedia shows.
The installation:
- 3 islands, 5 islands or more
- High performance pump installation with 30kW per island
- Minimum water level 0.5m
- Quick and easy installation because of optimised components
- Suitable also for polluted water
- Usable also in salt water
Possible effects:
Swinging jet 2D, in 3 positions separately selectable nozzles- High fountains Geyser- Flower nozzlesFountain row
- Integrated lighting installation with colour changers
- Controlled with DMX consoles
- Delivery pre-assembles, assembly with car crane
Worldwide carriage by air possible (also in the amphibious version)
Worldwide container traffic (ship, truck, railway)
possible Projection surface with 1.C Hydroshield
Floating body for the use in inland water
Also as a complete multimedia show with light, sound, laser and video available

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