4M Water Matrix System

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Key Facts

4M Water Matrix System
New Product
A “small” high-performance and dynamic Water Matrix system, expandable at will and incredibly flexible to set up.:
This is possible because of our single pump modules.
Random size, distance and water graphic redesign the shows shape and expression to always meet your requirements.
The system was construed for indoor and outdoor use.
Thereby the maximum fountain height is easily adjustable to the local conditions up to 7m and 10m, respectively.
Each module pump can be adjusted to every water basin situation in various ways.
Be it upright or suspended from a supporting structure using scaffold clamps on four possible attachment points.
In doing so, the small, light high-performance pump can easily be used in even very low basins or tensioned to the piping over pools.
The fountains can simply and steplessly be controlled via DMX, but without using a disturbing and cumbrous frequency converter.
They are provided with our Whitespray Nozzles, which, when dealing with high amounts of water, create a beautiful, turbulent and high water jet that is optimal to illuminate.
In contrast, nozzles creating laminar water jets require less water, but are also less suitable for illumination.
The maximum height is 7 or 10 meter, respectively.
The pumps performance is 800 W effective value,i.e.1600W value.
The nozzle head is uncomplicated to set and the LED holder for our new 10W RGB spotlights is already integrated.
This module pumps are easy to mount and with the integrally cast 40 m wire it can safely and accurately be connected to the control system.
16x10W RGB LED IP68+ spotlights:
Each modular pad consists of 16 individually controllable spotlights at 10W RGB effective.
Dismantled the individual housings can be related to a fountain.
The whole control and power supply system is placed in a permanently submersible housing and centrally provided with 24VDC and DMX.
Thereby the outward miles of wires are left out.
By our unique design every lamp and control is protected against intrusion of water caused by pressure differences.
Simultaneously, there is the possibility to replace each component quickly and safely.
At a maximum of flexibility and efficiency in set up methods we forgo here any underwater plug connection with good cause.

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