Product: Event Indoor

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4 Meter Watergraphic Compact Hoffest of the mayor Berlin 2016

Watergraphic Hoffest01
Watergraphic Hoffest02
Watergraphic Hoffest03
Watergraphic Hoffest04
Watergraphic Hoffest05

4 Meter Watergraphic Compact Weltwirtschaftsgipfel Davos 2016

Lilly Deutschland Congress Tour with 6x 2WS Water Bubble Columns

3m Watergraphic Compact for HWK Hildesheim Event 2015

2GC+96 watergraphic compact with TOUCH for PeekundCloppenburg Mannheim 10.2014

6x 2WS Waterbubble Column for HVT at Zürich 100 Jahre Seewasser Event 6.2014

2GC+96 watergraphic compact with TOUCH for IMEX Party at Radisson Blu 5.2014

2A watercurtain 6m long for Pedrollo Event Verona 5.2014

2G+96 watergraphic for Pedrollo Coroprate Event Verona 5.2014

2U Fog projection screen for Famab 50 Event 6.2013

Lea Award 2013 with 16m of watergraphic Truss System 4.2013

Geberit special water basin custom constructed ISH 2013 3.2013

watergraphic 2G96 TOUCH for Patek Phillipe 3.2013

Event CAB,2G96 watergraphic 6m long 12.2012

Wella Event Klaus Peter Ochs 7.2012

Hagebau Event Hotel Estrel Berlin, 2G96 watergraphic system 7.2012

2G96 Compact 4m for Kaufhof München Stachus 2012 2012

2AC watercurtain ceiling installation for Artaqua 2012

Miele Show IFA 2012, 2G96 watergraphic system 2012

Audi Redit 2012, 2G96watergraphic 6m long 2012

ADIDAS YEP2011 Party, 16m waterscreen 2G48 with TOUCH option and multiscreen function 11.2011

2 HE waterslide for Kaufland Kongress 2011 11.2011

watergraphic 2G+ 4m for Goretex Clarks Event 5.2011

Jeep Automobilsalon Geneve -2F waterfall 10.2010

Jan Smit Concert Tour 2010, watergraphic 2G48 curved 10.2010

watergraphic 2G+96 for Geberit Event 2009

Expo Zaragoza Comunidad Valenciana, 2G96 watergraphic 3m long 2009

2G96 watergraphic for Audi Q5 Presentation Event 8.2008

4A watershow fountains for Schwabe Ley Creiner Corporate Event 8.2008

C&A Fashion Event, 24m of 2A waterscreen 2007

2A waterscreen for Bosch Corporate Event 2007

Wella Trendvision Event Milano 2006

4A watershow fountains for Apassionata horse show 2006