Product: Event Outdoor

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1C Hydroschield Moldau - Prag 2017

hydroshield Prague01
hydroshield Prague02
hydroshield Prague03
hydroshield Prague04
hydroshield Prague05

Watergraphic Door Berliner Wasserwerke Family Day 2016

2GDoor BWB2016-01
2GDoor BWB2016-02
2GDoor BWB2016-03
2GDoor BWB2016-04
2GDoor BWB2016-05

4A Fountains and 1C Watershield for Seebühne Bregenz

Water Fountains Bregenz01
Water Fountains Bregenz02
Water Fountains Bregenz03
Water Fountains Bregenz04
Water Fountains Bregenz05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact Berliner Wasserbetriebe TU Berlin 2016

Watergraphic Compact-01
Watergraphic Compact-02
Watergraphic Compact-03
Watergraphic Compact-04
Watergraphic Compact-05

4m Watergraphic Compact Event System for Port of Antwerp Tour 2015

2G+96 compact 4m long for Delta Air Lounge at Mercedes Cup 6.2014

MTV mobile beats Tanzbrunnen Köln,2 systems watergraphic 2G48 Truss System each 6m long 8.2013

4A watershow fountains for private russian birthday party Mallorca 2010

2G48 watergraphic for Miele Event 2010 in Utrecht-Holland

watergraphic 2G+ 7m for Bühler Event 2010

4C watershow island system- open air show for Doha 2009

Bonaqua Fruits Tour 2009, 2A waterscreen 8m wide and 24m high

Festspiele Bregenz Seebühne,permanent installation of our 2A waterscreen 8.2008

1C Hydroshield for Screen Rental- Open Air Show Marienbad 2007

1C watershield, Art Event in Pontevedra,Spain 2007

4B watershow fountain system,open air birthday show Schloss Lustheim 2007

4A watershow fountain system for Edeka Event 2007

4C watershow island system - open air show world sailing championship Cascais 2007

1C watershield for Barcelona 080 Fashion Event 2007

1A Delta Nozzle watersystem for Porsche, Presentation Füssen 2006

4B watershow row system for Porsche Cayman Event at Ibiza 2005

1C watershield 12x36m for Red Bull Advertising Harbour Hamburg 2004

1C watershield for Catwoman Presentation 2004

4C watershow island system, Abha Lake Show 2002,Saudi Arabia