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2R Water Window CanadaLife 2018

2R Canadalife2018-01
2R Canadalife2018-02
2R Canadalife2018-03
2R Canadalife2018-04
2R Canadalife2018-05

4 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer Wien 2018

2GC Compact Pfizer Wien 2018-01
2GC Compact Pfizer Wien 2018-02
2GC Compact Pfizer Wien 2018-03
2GC Compact Pfizer Wien 2018-04
2GC Compact Pfizer Wien 2018-05

4 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer Chicago 2018

2GC Compact Pfizer Chicago2018-01
2GC Compact Pfizer Chicago2018-02
2GC Compact Pfizer Chicago2018-03
2GC Compact Pfizer Chicago2018-04
2GC Compact Pfizer Chicago2018-05

4 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer Philadelphia 2018

2GC Watergraphic Pfizer Philadelphia01
2GC Watergraphic Pfizer Philadelphia02
2GC Watergraphic Pfizer Philadelphia03
2GC Watergraphic Pfizer Philadelphia04
2GC Watergraphic Pfizer Philadelphia05

2x 4 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer at Eular 2018 Amsterdam

2GC Amsterdam2018-01
2GC Amsterdam2018-02
2GC Amsterdam2018-03
2GC Amsterdam2018-04
2GC Amsterdam2018-05

7x 2HGI Waterslide for Birco at IFAT 2018 Munich

HGI Waterslide Birco 2018-01
HGI Waterslide Birco 2018-02
HGI Waterslide Birco 2018-03
HGI Waterslide Birco 2018-04
HGI Waterslide Birco 2018-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Lingl Ceramitec 2018

2GC Watergraphic Lingl01
2GC Watergraphic Lingl02
2GC Watergraphic Lingl03
2GC Watergraphic Lingl04
2GC Watergraphic Lingl05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer Xeljanz at EAHP2018 Göteborg

2GC Pfizer2018-01
2GC Pfizer2018-02
2GC Pfizer2018-03
2GC Pfizer2018-04
2GC Pfizer2018-05

Watergraphic Curved for Wick at ISM2018 in Köln

watergraphic curved wick01
watergraphic curved wick02
watergraphic curved wick03
watergraphic curved wick04
watergraphic curved wick05

2R Waterfall for Canada Life DKM 2017

2R Waterfall01
2R Waterfall02
2R Waterfall03
2R Waterfall04
2R Waterfall05

4 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer at Eular 2017 Madrid

watergraphic Eular-01
watergraphic Eular-02
watergraphic Eular-03
watergraphic Eular-04
watergraphic Eular-05

Highlight Fountain for Ideal Standard at ISH 2017 Frankfurt

Ideal Standard ISH01
Ideal Standard ISH02
Ideal Standard ISH03
Ideal Standard ISH04
Ideal Standard ISH05

3M Mirror Bassin for Goretex ISPO 2017

Goretex Mirror Bassin01
Goretex Mirror Bassin02
Goretex Mirror Bassin03
Goretex Mirror Bassin04
Goretex Mirror Bassin05

2S Waterscreen Stripes for Blanco - Living Kitchen 2017

Waterscreen Stripes Blanco01
Waterscreen Stripes Blanco02
Waterscreen Stripes Blanco03
Waterscreen Stripes Blanco04
Waterscreen Stripes Blanco05

2HE Waterslide custom designed for Equate Düsseldorf 2016

2HE Waterslide Equate01
2HE Waterslide Equate02
2HE Waterslide Equate03
2HE Waterslide Equate04
2HE Waterslide Equate05

4x 2HGI DGVS Kongress Hamburg for Bristol-Myers Squibb

2HGI Waterslide DGVS 2601-01
2HGI Waterslide DGVS 2601-02
2HGI Waterslide DGVS 2601-03
2HGI Waterslide DGVS 2601-04
2HGI Waterslide DGVS 2601-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact at Fachpack 2016 Stuttgart

2GC Fachpack2016-01
2GC Fachpack2016-02
2GC Fachpack2016-03
2GC Fachpack2016-04
2GC Fachpack2016-05

4 Meter Watergraphic Door with Touch Interbad2016 Stuttgart

Watergraphic Door Interbad01
Watergraphic Door Interbad02
Watergraphic Door Interbad03
Watergraphic Door Interbad04
Watergraphic Door Interbad05
Watergraphic Touch Interbad01
Watergraphic Touch Interbad02
Watergraphic Touch Interbad03
Watergraphic Touch Interbad04
Watergraphic Touch Interbad05

3 Meter Watergraphic 2G+96 for Panasonic at Photokina 2016 in Cologne

2G+96 Panasonic Photokina 2016-01
2G+96 Panasonic Photokina 2016-02
2G+96 Panasonic Photokina 2016-03
2G+96 Panasonic Photokina 2016-04
2G+96 Panasonic Photokina 2016-05

ONS Stavanger 2016- 3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Lyse Group

watergraphic compact Lyse2016-01
watergraphic compact Lyse2016-02
watergraphic compact Lyse2016-03
watergraphic compact Lyse2016-04
watergraphic compact Lyse2016-05

3 Meter Watergraphic 2G+96 IFA Panasonic 2016

watergraphic IFA2016-01
watergraphic IFA2016-02
watergraphic IFA2016-03
watergraphic IFA2016-04
watergraphic IFA2016-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact Donau Carbon IFAT München 2016

2GC IFAT 2016-01
2GC IFAT 2016-02
2GC IFAT 2016-03
2GC IFAT 2016-04
2GC IFAT 2016-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact Nikisso Medical Congress Vienna 2016

Watergraphic Nikisso01
Watergraphic Nikisso02
Watergraphic Nikisso03
Watergraphic Nikisso04
Watergraphic Nikisso05

Fibo Köln 2IR 4x4m Expotechnik for Life Fitness

2IR Fibo01
2IR Fibo02
2IR Fibo03
2IR Fibo04
2IR Fibo05

2WS Waterbubble Column Meiko Intergastra Stuttgart und Internorga HH 2016

2WS Waterbubble Column01
2WS Waterbubble Column02
2WS Waterbubble Column03

4x 2HGI Wire&Tube Düsseldorf for MDM SRL special tools


2HGI for ACO at Bau Munich 2016


2HGI Square Brystal-Myers Squibb congress Berlin 2016


4 Meter Watergraphic 2G+96 SGP Prints Fespa Amsterdam 2016

watergraphic highres01
watergraphic highres02
watergraphic highres03
watergraphic highres04
watergraphic highres05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact Best of Events 2016

4m Watergraphic Compact Meiko Basel2015

2m 2IF DGHO Basel Medicine Congress 2015 Bristol-Myers Squibb

2WS Waterbubble Column Meiko Host2015

Watergraphic High Resolution for DIHR Host2015

2HE Waterslide Special Customade for Panasonic at IFA 2015

3m Watergraphic Compact for KSPG at IAA 2015

Watergraphic compact 2GC 3 Meter at Ideen Expo 2015 for Niedersachsen Metall

Watergraphic 2G+96 7 meter at Gifa2015 for Raffmetall

2A Waterscreen 2 meter for Fuji at ESG Congress Vienna 2015

3x 2HGI Waterslide Inner Glass at Achema 2015

watergraphic Compact with Module DOOR Prolight&Sound 2015

watergraphic TOUCH at Prolight&Sound 2015

watergraphic compact systems at Prolight&Sound 2015

Special Applications for Geberit at ISH 2015

2G+96 special for Stiebel Eltron at ISH 2015 with Holz- und Technic Innenausbau-Messebau GmbH

2HE waterslide stainless steel for ACO at Bau Munich 1.2015

2G+96 watergraphic 4m long for Ricoh at Photokina 2014

2HG waterslide glass for Schaeffler at Innotrans Berlin 9.2014

2A watercurtain on movable platform for Samsung at IFA2014

2I waterslide foil for Cybex at Kind und Jugend Cologne 9.2014

2G+96 watergraphic with Sensoric for Siemens at IFA2014

fountain circle with 2,5m diameter and 24 single fountains for IBSA at ESHRE Munich 6.2014

2HG waterslide glass for IBSA at ESHRE Munich 6.2014

2G+96 4m long for Meteocontrol at Intersolar 6.2014

2G+96 4m long for BUND at IFAT 2014

2G+96 compact 4m long for Goretex at Interpack 5.2014

2G+96 4m long for ACO at IFAT 2014

2A watercurtain 6m long for Steinzeug Keramo at IFAT 5.2014

3m 2HE waterslide for Siegenia at Fensterbau 2014

2G+96 4m long for Mennekes at Light&Building 2014

special plexiglass construction for Hager at L&B2014

watergraphic Touch with our compact system 2GC96+ at Euroshop 2014

2I waterslide foil for Wanzl at Euroshop 2014

2HE waterslide stainless steel for Rasch Textil at Heimtextil 2014

2G Compact 4m with interactive Touch Panel for Norgina at UEGW Exhibition Berlin 10.2013

2IF waterslide foil for MDV GmbH at Labelexpo Brüssel 9.2013

Tönnies at Anuga 2013 - 2G watergraphic compact 4m long

Samsung at IFA 2013, special 2G96 watergraphic cube construction

6m 2G96 watergraphic for Schiess GmbH at Emo 2013

2 IF waterslide foil framed special round construction for BYK 3.2013

watergraphic 2G Compact 4m long with Touch Option at Prolight&Sound 2013

Samsung Mobilcom Berlin, watergraphic 2G+ 4m wide 3.2013

2HG waterslide for Duscholux ISH 2013

Blanco Living Kitchen Cologne, 2A waterscreen 1.2013

Geze Bau 2013 Munich, 3m of watergraphic 2G96

Fruits Logistica 2013, 2 systems 2A watercurtain a 3m

2G96 3m Photokina 2012 for Samsung

Goretex Mircam,2G96 watergraphic 7m long 9.2012

2I watercurtain foil for Sortimo at IAA 2012, 2 Systems

AEG Elektrolux, 3 systems 2I waterslide foil,4.90m high and 1.90m wide 9.2012

Gamescom 2012, 2G96 watergraphic 6m long

2G96 4m long at YOBA Berlin 2012 for Bundesagentur für Arbeit

2HE waterslide Event Konactiva 2012 Düsseldorf

2G96 watergraphic 12m for Samsung IFA 2012

ACO IFAT 2012, 3 systems 2HGI waterslide inner glass

2A watercurtain 6m for Steinzeig Keramo at IFAT 2012 Berlin

ACO at IFAT 2012, 4m watergraphic 2G96

Birco IFAT 2012, 2IF waterslide foil framed

Mennekes Light&Building 2012, 4m of watergraphic 2G96

Occhio Light&Building 2012, 9m of watergraphic 2G96

Goretex Ecco Berlin, 2G96 watergraphic 4m long 2.2012

watershow at Euroshop 2012 Düsseldorf with 2G96 watergraphic system

Best of Events Exhibition, watergraphic 2G Compact 4m long 2.2012

2A watercurtain 3m for Dold - Exhibition in Luzern 2012

2HGI waterslide inner glass for Löwen Entertainment IMA Exhibition, 2 Systems 1.2012

2I watercurtain foil for Fuji Productronica 2011

Goretex watergraphic curved, 48 pixel per meter,Outdoor exhibition Friedrichshafen 11.2011

2G96 watergraphic 3m for CIAT ISH 2011

2G96 3m Gamecom 2011 with Slomo Video

2G96 watergraphic 4m for Alcon Pharma Event 5.2011

Geberit ISH 2011, 4x4m 2IR watercurtain foil curved

2G96 6m for Goretex GDS Düsseldorf 2011

Dachser T&L Munich,12m of 2G96 watergraphic 5.2011

2G+ watergraphic 7m for Goretex Mircam Milano 2010

2G96 watergraphic 6m for Goretex Outdoor Exhibition 2010

2G96 watergraphic 4m for Cybex Kind&Jugend Exhibition Köln 9.2010

2G+ watergraphic 4m at Home&Spa Exhibition Milano 2010

2G96 watergraphic 4m for GF-JRG Exhibition 1.2010

2HG waterslide for Duscholux Baselworld Exhibition 1.2010

2G96 watergraphic 4m for Hydro Concept Monaco - Exhibition Paris 2010

2IF waterslide foil framed,Vision 2010

OEMA Nürnberg, 2I waterslide foil 4x 1.9 Meter 2010

Data Engineering Exhibition BATIMAT,3m of watergraphic 2G96 2010

2G+ watergraphic 6m for Bosch at IFA 2010 Berlin

2A waterscreen 2m for Fira de Barcelona,Salon de Baño 2009

RIU ITB Berlin 2009 , 2A watercurtain

2HE waterslide for Würth at L&B Frankfurt 2008

2HE waterslide stainless steel for Novogate 2008

2G96 watergraphic 4m for MTU Exhibition SMM 8.2008

2A watercurtain Design Exhibition Milano 8.2008

4A watershow fountain system for IBM at Cebit 2007,with music synronisation

4A watershow fountain system for Grundig at IFA 2007