3M Mirror Bassin for Goretex at ISPO 2017 in Munich

Mirror Bassin Goretex01
Mirror Bassin Goretex02
Mirror Bassin Goretex03
Mirror Bassin Goretex04
Mirror Bassin Goretex05
Mirror Bassin Goretex06
Mirror Bassin Goretex07
Mirror Bassin Goretex08
Mirror Bassin Goretex09
Mirror Bassin Goretex10

The whole floor area of the robots safety cell undulates in fine ultrasonic fog.
Should no casual technology be in the foreground, nevertheless, but "Gore-Tex Shakedry".
For it we have built a spray device in which Kuka rotates the jackets, then shaking off and dry off.
The hot-air welded stainless steel basin, the high-grade steel covers, the edge connectors
which not destroy the wood by the fog, the spray technology, the water level regulation,
the overflow scuppers and in the end the use of our mobile water softeners are many details
which stand back to the essential, „to The customer product.

The more we care about you,
The less you think about us.

Client: W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH 85640 Putzbrunn
Design and Implementation :Messe Bauer & Companions GmbH, Munich
Roboter by Kuka, ZS Anlagenbau GmbH Neuburg/Donau