2SF Waterscreen Stripes Framed Goretex at Sporthaus Schuster-Munich

2SF Waterscreen Stripes01
2SF Waterscreen Stripes02
2SF Waterscreen Stripes03
2SF Waterscreen Stripes04
2SF Waterscreen Stripes05

The North Face 2S Waterscreen framed
Sports Outfitters Schuster Munich
The production of rain in shop windows, especially in winter is very difficult.
But we have a new all-in-one package with our 2S Waterscreen framed, double pump system,
aluminum water bassin, water shortage protection and time control.
In combination with our new LED lights, the rain looks like diamond sparkles.
The solution for safe use even over longer periods,like here over 20 days.

The more we care about you,
The less you think about us.

Client: The North Face
Agency: Markeing Pioneers Mainz