Product: Watergraphic 2G+96

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2x 4 Meter Watergraphic 2G+96 for Teckentrup Bau 2017

Watergraphic Bau2017-01
Watergraphic Bau2017-02
Watergraphic Bau2017-03
Watergraphic Bau2017-04
Watergraphic Bau2017-05

3 Meter Watergraphic 2G+96 Aluminium2016 for Alcoa

watergraphic Alu2016-01
watergraphic Alu2016-02
watergraphic Alu2016-03
watergraphic Alu2016-04
watergraphic Alu2016-05

3 Meter Watergraphic 2G+96 for Panasonic at Photokina 2016

watergraphic Panasonic Photokina2016-01
watergraphic Panasonic Photokina2016-02
watergraphic Panasonic Photokina2016-03
watergraphic Panasonic Photokina2016-04
watergraphic Panasonic Photokina2016-05

3 Meter Watergraphic 2G+96 IFA Panasonic 2016

4 Meter Watergraphic 2G+96 SGP Prints Fespa Amsterdam 2016

watergraphic fespa01
watergraphic fespa02
watergraphic fespa03
watergraphic fespa04
watergraphic fespa05

Watergraphic High Resolution for DIHR Host2015

7m Watergraphic 2G+96 at Gifa for Raffmetal 2015

2G+96 special for Stiebel Eltron at ISH 2015 with Holz- und Technic Innenausbau-Messebau GmbH

2G+96 watergraphic 4m long for Ricoh at Photokina 2014

2G+96 watergraphic with Sensoric for Siemens at IFA2014

2G+96 compact 4m long for Delta Air Lounge at Mercedes Cup

2G+96 4m long for Meteocontrol at Intersolar

2G+96 4m long for BUND at IFAT 2014

2G+96 watergraphic for Pedrollo Coroprate Event Verona

2G+96 4m long for ACO at IFAT 2014

2G+96 4m long for Mennekes at Light&Building 2014

Samsung at IFA 2013, special 2G96 watergraphic cube construction

6 Meter 2G96+ watergraphic for Schiess GmbH at Emo 2013

2G96+ Slow Motion Demo

Geze Bau 2013 Munich, 3m of watergraphic 2G96+

Event CAB,2G96+ watergraphic 6m long

2G96+ 3m Photokina 2012 for Samsung

Goretex Mircam,2G96+ watergraphic 7m long

Gamescom 2012, 2G96+ watergraphic 6m long

2G96+ 4m long at YOBA Berlin 2012 for Bundesagentur für Arbeit

2G96+ watergraphic 12m for Samsung IFA 2012

Hagebau Event Hotel Estrel Berlin, 2G96+ watergraphic system

ACO at IFAT 2012, 4m watergraphic 2G96+

Occhio Light&Building 2012, 9m of watergraphic 2G96+

Mennekes Light&Building 2012, 4m of watergraphic 2G96+

Time City Gambling Hall,permanent installation of 4m 2G96+ watergraphic

Miele Show IFA 2012, 2G96+ watergraphic system

watershow at Euroshop 2012 Düsseldorf with 2G96+ watergraphic system

Audi Redit 2012, 2G96+ Watergraphic 6m long

4m Watergraphic 2G+96 Tour System for Light&Sound Machine Becken

2G96 watergraphic 3m for CIAT ISH 2009 booth at Best of Events Exhibition Salzburg 2011

2G96 3m Gamecom 2011 with Slomo Video

2G96 6m for Goretex GDS Düsseldorf 2011

watergraphic 2G96+ 4m for Goretex Clarks Event

Goretex Sporthaus Schuster, 2G96 watergraphic permanent installation

Dachser T&L Munich,12m of 2G96 watergraphic

2G96+ watergraphic 4m for Alcon Pharma Event

2G96+ watergraphic 7m for Goretex Mircam Milano 2010

2G96 watergraphic 4m for Cybex Kind&Jugend Exhibition Köln

2G96 watergraphic 6m for Goretex Outdoor Exhibition 2010

2G96+ watergraphic 4m at Home&Spa Exhibition Milano 2010

2G96+ watergraphic 4m for GF-JRG Exhibition

2G96+ watergraphic 6m for Bosch at IFA 2010 Berlin

Data Engineering Exhibition BATIMAT,3m of watergraphic 2G96+

2G96+ watergraphic 4m for Hydro Concept Monaco - Exhibition Paris 2010

watergraphic 2G+ 7m for Bühler Event 2010

watergraphic 2G+96 2m long Entrance Palazzo Montegazza

Expo Zaragoza Comunidad Valenciana,2G96 watergraphic 3m long

watergraphic 2G+96 for Geberit Event 2009 booth at World of Events Exhibition Wiesbaden 2009

2G96 watergraphic for Audi Q5 Presentation Event

2G96 watergraphic 4m for MTU Exhibition SMM