Product: Watergraphic Compact

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4 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer Philadelphia 2018

2GC Pfizer Philadelphia2018-01
2GC Pfizer Philadelphia2018-02
2GC Pfizer Philadelphia2018-03
2GC Pfizer Philadelphia2018-04
2GC Pfizer Philadelphia2018-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Keyou at IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2018

2GC Keyou2018-01
2GC Keyou2018-02
2GC Keyou2018-03
2GC Keyou2018-04
2GC Keyou2018-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Allgäu Strom 2018

2GC Allgäu Strom 2018-01
2GC Allgäu Strom 2018-02
2GC Allgäu Strom 2018-03
2GC Allgäu Strom 2018-04
2GC Allgäu Strom 2018-05

2x 4m Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer Eular 2018 Amsterdam

Watergrtaphic Pfizer01
Watergrtaphic Pfizer02
Watergrtaphic Pfizer03
Watergrtaphic Pfizer04
Watergrtaphic Pfizer05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact Würth Summerfestival 2018

2GC Watergraphic Würth01
2GC Watergraphic Würth02
2GC Watergraphic Würth03
2GC Watergraphic Würth04
2GC Watergraphic Würth05

3 Meter Watergrahic Compact for Kamstrup IFAT 2018 Munich

2GC Kamstrup2018-01
2GC Kamstrup2018-02
2GC Kamstrup2018-03
2GC Kamstrup2018-04
2GC Kamstrup2018-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Lingl at Ceramitec 2018

2GC Lingl01
2GC Lingl02
2GC Lingl03
2GC Lingl04
2GC Lingl05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer Xeljanz at EAHP2018 Göteborg

Watergraphic Compact Pfizer01
Watergraphic Compact Pfizer02
Watergraphic Compact Pfizer03
Watergraphic Compact Pfizer04
Watergraphic Compact Pfizer05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Rheinmetall IAA2017

2GC Rheinmetall01
2GC Rheinmetall02
2GC Rheinmetall03
2GC Rheinmetall04
2GC Rheinmetall05

3 Meter Watergraphic atr Spirit of Lifeplus in Stuttgart 2017

2GC Lifeplus Stuttgart01
2GC Lifeplus Stuttgart02
2GC Lifeplus Stuttgart03
2GC Lifeplus Stuttgart04
2GC Lifeplus Stuttgart05

4 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Pfizer at Eular2017 Madrid

watergraphic compact Eular-01
watergraphic compact Eular-02
watergraphic compact Eular-03
watergraphic compact Eular-04
watergraphic compact Eular-05

4 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Bürkle at Ligna 2017

2GC Ligna2017-01
2GC Ligna2017-02
2GC Ligna2017-03
2GC Ligna2017-04
2GC Ligna2017-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Wiedemann at Ro-Ka-Tech 2017 Kassel

2GC Rokatech01
2GC Rokatech02
2GC Rokatech03
2GC Rokatech04
2GC Rokatech05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compat for the american RWC Group ISH 2017

watergraphic compact RWC2017-01
watergraphic compact RWC2017-02
watergraphic compact RWC2017-03
watergraphic compact RWC2017-04
watergraphic compact RWC2017-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Hartmann Chemie Chilventa Nürnberg 2016

2GC Chilventa2016-01
2GC Chilventa2016-02
2GC Chilventa2016-03
2GC Chilventa2016-04
2GC Chilventa2016-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact at Fachpack 2016 Nürnberg

2GC Watergraphic Fachpack 2016-01
2GC Watergraphic Fachpack 2016-02
2GC Watergraphic Fachpack 2016-03
2GC Watergraphic Fachpack 2016-04
2GC Watergraphic Fachpack 2016-05

ONS Stavanger 2016- 3 Meter Watergraphic Compact for Lyse Group

2GC Lyse2016-01
2GC Lyse2016-02
2GC Lyse2016-03
2GC Lyse2016-04
2GC Lyse2016-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact Berliner Wasserbetriebe TU Berlin 2016

2GC TU Berlin 2016-01
2GC TU Berlin 2016-02
2GC TU Berlin 2016-03
2GC TU Berlin 2016-04
2GC TU Berlin 2016-05

4 Meter Watergraphic Compact Hoffest of the mayor Berlin 2016

2GC Hoffest00
2GC Hoffest02
2GC Hoffest00
2GC Hoffest04
2GC Hoffest05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact Donau Carbon IFAT München 2016

2GC IFAT2016-01
2GC IFAT2016-02
2GC IFAT2016-03
2GC IFAT2016-04
2GC IFAT2016-05

3 Meter Watergraphic Compact Nikisso Medical Congress Vienna 2016

Nikisso 2GC01
Nikisso 2GC02
Nikisso 2GC03
Nikisso 2GC04
Nikisso 2GC05

4 Meter Watergraphic Compact Weltwirtschaftsgipfel Davos 2016

Watergraphic Compact Best of Events 2016

4m Watergraphic Compact for Meiko IGEHO, Internorga and Intergastra 2015-2016

3m Watergraphic Compact for HWK Hildesheim Event 2015

4m Watergraphic Compact Tour System for Port of Antwerp Event 2015

3m Watergraphic Compact for KSPG at IAA 2015

3m Watergraphic Compact 2GC at Ideen Expo 2015 for Niedersachsen Metall

Prolight&Sound 2015

2GC+96 watergraphic compact with TOUCH for Peek und Cloppenburg Mannheim 2014

2G+96 compact 4m long for Delta Air Lounge at Mercedes Cup 2014

2G+96 compact 4m long for Goretex at Interpack 2014

2GC+96 watergraphic compact with TOUCH for IMEX Party at Radisson Blu 2014

2G Compact 4m with interactive Touch Panel for Norgina at UEGW Exhibition Berlin 2013

Tönnies at Anuga 2013 - 2G watergraphic compact 4m long

Samsung Mobilcom Berlin2013, watergraphic 2G+ 4m wide

Goretex Ecco Berlin2012, 2G96 watergraphic 4m long

Best of Events Exhibition2012, watergraphic 2G Compact 4m long