Product: Watergraphic Curved

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Watergraphic Curved Efteling 2018

2GR Efteling2018-01
2GR Efteling2018-02
2GR Efteling2018-03
2GR Efteling2018-04
2GR Efteling2018-05

Watergraphic Curved for Wick at ISM 2018 in Cologne

Watergraphic 2GR Wick2018-01
Watergraphic 2GR Wick2018-02
Watergraphic 2GR Wick2018-03
Watergraphic 2GR Wick2018-04
Watergraphic 2GR Wick2018-05

Watergraphic Curved Showroom

watergraphic curved-01
watergraphic curved-02
watergraphic curved-03
watergraphic curved-04
watergraphic curved-05 Watergraphic Circle on Tour with Holiday on Ice-Europe Tour Believe

2G48 watergraphic curved for Shopping Center Süd-Wien 2013,permanent installation

Goretex watergraphic curved, 48 pixel per meter,Outdoor exhibition Friedrichshafen2011 booth at Best of Events Exhibition Dortmund 2011

Jan Smit Concert Tour 2010, watergraphic 2G48 curved

2G48 watergraphic circle, 3 circles in one, West Gate Croatia2009- permanent installation