Water Curtains and Water Screens

Our assortment of Water Curtains and Water Screens for varied application possibilities
in the exhibition, decoration and event aerea.
LED RGB Lights for different applications.
Easy and fast installation and an outstanding price relationship.

2A Watercurtain Stainless Steel
Water Wall/ Water Screen.A high amount of nozzles and water create a homogeneous water-surface for projection or for the application as partition.

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2U Fog Projection Screen
Ultrasonic Fog Projection Screen - Controlled.
Indoor Fog-effects or projection-surface with a worldwide unique height of falling up to 6 metres.

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1A Delta Nozzles
Rectangular water surface Suitable for small basins like pools. Allows a rectangular projection surface, sparkling from bottom up out of fan-nozzles.

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2S Waterscreen Stripes-NEW
specially designed for big drops with 96 valves per meter and an high amount of water
different dimensions
also available as 2SF Version Framed

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1C Hydroshield
Outdoor projection watershield screen.
Designed for high capacity, remarkable heights and a great amount of water. For seaside,lakes,riverside or next to a swimming pool.

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Watershow.de forms the aura and the experience of rooms with water

Thought-out show effects generate new perception terms.
They offer well-being, aesthetic experience or a new kind to provide information.
Our water curtains and water screens ,combined with lighting effects and LED lightings
are the tools for it.
For universal and comprehensive solutions in all imaginable ambiences.

Trailer Water Curtains and Water Screens

Samples of our Event and Trade Fair Applications.

Current Projects:

The specific application of water in the Visual Merchandising can lead to magnificent effects,
provide information and messages and get a big appearance for your products and brands.
Our Water Curtains and Water Screens are strong in the attention and, among the rest,
are suited as a space divisor, air conditioner and projection screen.
Here some impressions of our last activities in the Trade Fair and Event area.

2S Waterscreen Stripes for Blanco at Living Kitchen 2017
At the Blanco booth we installed a double 4m Waterscreen Stripes with closed corners.
With 96 nozzles per meter and and a water flow of 38m3 per hour an impressive water surface.
By our new high power LED we created an effect like diamond sparkles 

Wasserwand Stripes-01
Wasserwand Stripes-02
Wasserwand Stripes-03
Wasserwand Stripes-04
Wasserwand Stripes-05

1C Hydroschield as an Art Object

On Rio de Pontevedra in Spain we installed for the artist Judi Wertheim
our 1C Hydroschield with 12m height and 36m width.
An impressive illusion.

Wella Event Klaus Peter Ochs with our 2U Fog Projection Screen Ultrasonic!

The finest fog is generated by ultrasound and forms a thick white screen
which falls down on the ground.
Pictures, Signs, graphic ideas of all kind can be projected on this screen.
With this unique technology watershow.de appears on place one in technical conversion,
quality and show effect.

Coca Cola-Bonaqa Fruits Waterfall 2009

En route in mission of refreshment.
A lot of fun, 288.000 free samples, 5 town’s, 18 days and an impressive
8m long and up to 24m height 2A watercurtain with gigantic water quantity.
All installation’s done in the night before and needs special up to 8m flaring
supporting structure made by watershow.de.