1A Delta Nozzles

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Key Facts

1A Delta Nozzles
Rectangular water surface - Suitable for small basins like pools.
Allows a rectangular projection surface, sparkling from bottom up out of fan-nozzles.
Creates very impressive video or laser projections.
- Outdoor use
- Rectangular format
- Water movement bottom-up
- Widths from 4 m up to unlimited
- Heights of 4 to 16 m realisable
- Very well suitable for projection with laser, video, slide, back lights
- Optimal distance for the observer approx. 2,5 x width
- Only rear projection
- More wind-sensitive than a Hydroshield
- Quick and easy installation because of optimised components
- Nozzles can also be connected with hose to the pump
- Water basin does not have to be among the nozzles (also on land)
- Simple maintenance and cleaning (high-grade steel)
- Also available as salt water version
- Big nozzle diameter, suitable also for polluted water

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