2A Watercurtain Stainless Steel

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Key Facts

2A Watercurtain Stainless Steel
Water Wall/ Water Screen.
In form of an illuminated, up to 30 metres high waterfall or an impressive projection-surface.
A high amount of nozzles and water create a homogeneous water-surface for projection or for the application as partition.
- Indoor / Outdoor application
- Any rectangular format
- Water movement falling top down
- Standard segments with a length of 1m, 2 m, 3m
- Number of segments unlimited
- Fully compatible with the 2.B Watercurtain curved
- Heights of up to 30 m realisable
- Corresponds to BGV C.1 (Load above persons)
- Excellently capable for video, slide, back lights and laser projection
- No stripes in the picture visible
- No columns between the segments or nozzle plates
- 400 nozzles per meter
- Very great water amount of up to 6000 litre/hour/meter
- Simple maintenance and cleaning (High-grade steel, simple to demount)
- Quick and easy installation because of optimised components A
- lso available for the use in chlorine water, swimming pools

2AC Watercurtain Stainless Steel for ceiling mounting
like Model 2A but as ceiling mounting,extreme slim

2.B Watercurtain curved
Fully compatible and therefore also useable as curve and circle

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