Watergraphic Systems and Functions

2G WATERGRAPHIC – the Original One
Digital waterscreen for the exhibition and event area
Made in Germany - Watershow.de is developer and manufacturer.
As complete solutions with a wide range of accessories like:

2G+96 Watergraphic
96 valves/meter

Dynamic fonts and logos in full contrast made out of water, trade fairs and pedestrian precincts.
Application with a short distance

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Watergraphic 2G48 Truss
48 valves/meter
a special developed event system for tour and stage use with ultra-short setup time thanks to our Truss system technology

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2GC Watergraphic Compact
the Plug&Play Solution,easy and uncomplicate.
In high-resolution for exhibition and Events
available in 3m and 4m width and covers in black and white

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2GR Watergraphic curved
48 valves/meter
By the standardized segmentation it is possible to realize even curves, circles and special individual shapes.

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2G3D Watergraphic 3D
Impressive 3D-objects, silhouettes, fonts and logos made of water, e.g. for 360° visible product presentations
Resolution until 1440 valver
per m²
Born 2009 as world’s first 3D graphic waterscreen
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Watergraphic Functions

2GT Watergraphic TOUCH
the interactive toy
Only seconds until you see your individual painting
on our Watergraphic Screen

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2GM Watergraphic Multiscreen
Only one system - different pictures or input sources simultaneous.

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Watergraphic Main Control
Newest Development is an IP-based and I²C bus independent monitoring and control system.
Product EXCLUSIVE by watershow.de

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Watergraphic Door
ultra-fast sensor system for safe passage. A special sensor unit defines a range as passage through the waterscreen.

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Watergraphic Webframe-NEW
Watergraphic Touch Web Interface
Painting with your own Smartphone without any APP

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Waterscreen that forms letters and signs via bitmap files.
Control via Remote DMX, Artnet, MA-NET with high speed valves with 5ms opening/closing time,
self cleaning effect,an own development from watershow.de.
Nozzle resolution from 48 to 96 valves/meter.
Also available our Watergraphic 3D with resolutions up to 1200 noozles per square meter.
Easy to program e.g. a bitmap-file drawn with Paint or Photoshop:
draw a picture on the iPad - choose the light colour - send -
and yet your picture appears on the water screen .
Energy-efficient power-optimised mains adapters by Meanwell
Quiet- the perhaps quietest system with barely 60 db
The 16th generation/advancement controllable without Windows-software

Trailer Watergraphic – the Original One

Samples of our Event and Trade Fair Applications

Current Projects:

Watergraphic, 100% of product by watershow.de – with an unique product range.
Efficiency in performance speed, precision and long-life cycle
Watershow has put on the market as first a complete independent monitoring
and control system for the watergraphic
Via the web surface we can get a quick overview of the system state without being on site.
Here some impressions of our last activities in the Trade Fair and Event area.


Looking back at Euroshop 2017

as always our exhibition stand was overbooked, as we showed what 3D really is.
Great amazement over our highlight, the 3D watergraphic.
We have the first 3D system in the world and then directly with 1440 valves
(highest resolution, smallest pack distance, the first manufacturer).
Another world novelty was our watergraphic touch Web Interface.
Without App, without WLAN ... Only over the wireless network in a normal browser,
the guest could access the web site, can paint over the implemented touch panel,
send it to the watergraphic and share it on Facebook with an Overlay Image.

Watergraphic Door, newest highlight from watershow.de

The fascination, attraction and the play fun has also unbroken by the audience.
To test the adventure Waterdoor was too attractive .
First the people was still unsafe to check out, however, quite fast the Watergraphic Door
became a big pleasure for all the guests.

The Function in the centre of the Watergraphic

The successful result was to be seen in Hall 8.0 with the world market leader Stiebel Eltron.
Words made of water attract the visitors .
With 96 valves per metre, the high-resolution Watergraphic encloses with your s
eemless 90 ° corners the space for product and information.

Watergraphic 2G+96 Compact for Delta Air Lounge - Mercedes Cup Stuttgart

A 4m high resolution Watergraphic Compact was installed in connection with an
2HEWaterslide stainless steel an 14m "paddling pool".
Our "pool boy" Rico provided on site for the best water quality and contented visitors.