2G+96 Watergraphic

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Key Facts

2G+96 Watergraphic - Resolution 96 valves/meter
Dynamic fonts and logos in full contrast made out of water
Eye catcher at product-presentations, trade fairs and pedestrian precincts.
The watergraphic with sharp outlines and maximum resolution is intended for an application with a short distance.
- For complex writings and logos with high contrast
- To 100% product by watershow.de - made in Germany
- Low water pressure system,i.e. graphics fall only by gravity
- Unique control system, all valves are started at the same time
- 100% self developed software ( no Windows )
- Low energy consumption
- DMX OUT for absolute light synchronism
- High end light system, only from above
- Single nozzles at each valve for horizontal lines and sharp outlines
- Easy programming by import of BMP files
- High-speed valves- opens in 2-5 milliseconds
- In-house developed single solenoid valve with self-purification effect
- In-house developed control system and software
- External interfaces like DMX, Artnet, SPS and UDP
- Suitable for short distances to spectators

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