Product: Wasserwand Edelstahl - Watercurtain stainless steel

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2m 2A Waterscreen for Fuji at ECR Congress Vienna 2015

2A watercurtain on movable platform for Samsung at IFA2014

2A watercurtain 6m long for Pedrollo Event Verona 2014

2A watercurtain 6m long for Steinzeug Keramo at IFAT 2014

Blanco Living Kitchen Cologne 2013, 2A waterscreen

Fruits Logistica 2013, 2 systems 2A watercurtain a 3m

2A watercurtain 6m for Steinzeig Keramo at IFAT 2012 Berlin

2A watercurtain 3m for Dold - Exhibition in Luzern 2012

2A special jet system for decoration effect for Ortega,Spain 2011

2A waterscreen 2m for Fira de Barcelona,Salon de Baño 2009

RIU ITB Berlin 2009 , 2A watercurtain

Bonaqua Fruits Tour 2009, 2A waterscreen 8m wide and 24m high

2A watercurtain Design Exhibition Milano 2008

Festspiele Bregenz Seebühne,permanent installation of our 2A waterscreen 2008/2009

2A watercurtain special square construction for Occhio at L&B 2008

Honda Motorshow Madrid2008, 2 waterscreen 2A 6m long

C&A Fashion Event2007, 24m of 2A waterscreen

2A waterscreen for Bosch Corporate Event 2007

2A watercsreen double system as Decoration for Caixanova-Vigo/Spain2007

2AC watercurtain ceiling installation


2B waterscreen curved line for HILL Exhibition Rome

Cinema Khimki Moscow, 2B curved line with 9m high and 3m diametre